Community Groups are anywhere from 6-12 adults and their families who meet weekly to grow in their walk with Christ and encourage one another during the week.

Belonging to a Community Group can be vital for your faith in Jesus and for your spiritual growth. God does not intend for any of us to make this journey alone, and He established the church for this reason. As churches grow in number it can be difficult for people to connect with each other and stay connected as part of a family. Community groups can play a vital role in gospel transformation by providing a context of loving relationships in which the Gospel is applied to everyday living.

Meeting Times

Sunday Mornings

Led by: Robby and McKenzie Hill
Location: The Hill Residence
Contact: (307) 670-2166

Sunday Nights

Led by: Mark and Kerstin Stevens
Location: The Stevens Residence
Contact: (307) 696-9079

Thursday Nights

Led by: Timothy and Candice Young
Location: The Young Residence
Contact: (307) 696-0697

Thursday Nights

Led by: Mike and Barb Shober
Location: The Shober Residence
Contact: (307) 299-6796

Thursday Nights

Led by: Noah and Gabby Messick
Location: The Messick Residence
Contact: (253) 230-2781

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