Teaching Pastor: Mark StevensExternal link opens in new tab or window 


Mark, and Kerstin have two sons Titus and Seth that attend the University of Wyoming and are a tremendous blessing to church family. Mark is serving as our lead Teaching Pastor and loves spending time with people and time in the Word. Mark relaxes by being outdoors fishing and hunting.
Personal Testimony: 

"In college I was running after the world and I began to see that this world was falling apart.  At the same time, I started to attend a Bible study and began to learn about a relationship with Jesus.  In February 1994, I surrendered my life to Jesus and have been seeking to abide with Him ever since.”"

Associate Pastor: Lou Jenkins

Lou is married to Veronica and they have two kids: Leland and Morgan. The Jenkins have lived in Gillette since 2008. Lou is serving as our Associate Pastor and he loves hanging out with his family, going for a hike and he loves to read.

Personal Testimony:
"I grew up in church, I knew the rules, and I knew how to act the part. I even made a profession of faith at a very early age, but it wasn't until some years later that I truly understood my sinfulness and need of a Savior. I embraced the truth of the Gospel and Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He's changed everything!


Elder: Mike Shober


Mike is married to Barb, and they have six grown children. Gillette has been home to the Shober family for 21 years and Mike a little longer. Mike & Barb enjoy time on their “micro-farm” with many chickens, Boer goats, Irish Dexter mini-cows, dogs, cats, and bees.

Personal Testimony:

“I went forward during an altar call when I was younger; however, I wandered away during school. Thankfully, I had a profound meeting with Jesus when I was nineteen and let Him be the Lord of my life. Jesus is the Good News and our only hope!”  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. John 14:6.

Elder: Brad Powell

Brad and his wife Melissa have called Gillette home since 1999, and Living Rock has been their church home since 2008. They have three adult children: Kolten and his wife Katie (along with granddaughter Elise and grandson Jack) in Laramie, daughter Brenna also in Laramie, and son Mason who’s currently a student at MSU in Billings. Brad loves to spend time with family and chasing grandkids. Brad is a veterinarian who enjoys reading, learning, baseball, and the outdoors in his free time.


Personal Testimony: “I grew up in a very religious family who faithfully served and attended our local church. However, I learned our motivation was trying to please God by our good deeds, rather than living for Him out of gratitude. Then I discovered GRACE and the real good news of the Gospel at the age of 30- life has never been the same. I have never lost the amazement of what God has done for me, and I have committed my life to studying the Word, living a life of worshipful response, and sharing this GOOD NEWS with others.”


Children's Coordinator & Office Administrator:
EmmaJulia Edsall


EmmaJulia and her husband Spencer have one son, Simon. They have lived in Gillette since 2018. EmmaJulia serves as both the Children’s Coordinator and Office Administrator. She enjoys spending time with her growing family, playing board games, and camping.  

Personal Testimony: I grew up going to church but always felt something was missing in my relationship with God. It was only when I started to study the Bible that God’s love captivated and changed me. For the first time I felt the joy and hope of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has given me new life and it is my daily prayer that He will use me to bring Him glory.

Facilities Manager: Cara Rodgers

Testimony: From the time I was a little girl, I have been taught about the Lord. However, my faith was founded on rules and fears.

Not until my adult years did I genuinely understand God’s love and grace, and the gravity of what He did for me on the cross.
My desire is for God to use me to bring honor to His name.